Toilet Reglazing For A Complete Restoration

Bring your outdated toilet back to life with our professional toilet reglazing services. Our experts will refresh the look of your toilet using specialized coatings and finishes.

We offer reliable reglazing solutions for all toilet types including porcelain, ceramic and enamel metal toilets. Let us revamp the appearance of your existing toilet.

Problem Solved

Toilet reglazing effectively fixes chips, cracks, stains, and worn surfaces that are present on the toilet bowl or tank, eliminating the need for costly replacement. We’ll make your current toilet look and function like brand new!

Key Features

Our toilet reglazing services include:

  • Expert color matching
  • Long-lasting protective finishes
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Fast turnaround
  • Cost-effective pricing

How it works

Our process involves cleaning, repairing damage, applying high-performance coatings, and curing to create a refreshed finish. The result is a total toilet transformation!

Process & Methodology

We follow these key steps for toilet reglazing:

  • Inspection & damage assessment
  • Surface preparation
  • Repairs & touch ups
  • Finish coating application
  • Final curing & polishing

Use Cases

Toilet reglazing is ideal for:

  • Homeowners remodeling bathrooms
  • Hotels, motels, and other hospitality businesses
  • Property managers and landlords


Benefits of toilet reglazing include:

  • Cost savings over replacement
  • Improved appearance & value
  • Extended toilet lifespan
  • Minimal disruption

Our Works

See before & after photos of our toilet reglazing projects. We cater to both residential and commercial needs, restoring worn toilets across many styles. To receive a FREE estimate for vanity refinishing and restoration in NYC, call us now.

Why to choose us

3 years warranty

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Low price

High quality

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What is toilet reglazing?

It’s the process of restoring and refreshing a toilet’s appearance by applying a new coating over the existing surface. This can improve its looks, hide stains and scratches, and sometimes even update the color.

Is reglazing cheaper than replacing my toilet?

Usually, yes. Reglazing can cost 50-75% less than replacing, offering significant savings.

What types of toilets can be reglazed?

Porcelain and ceramic toilets are generally suitable for reglazing. Fiberglass or plastic toilets may not adhere well to the coating.

What about fixing cracks or chips?

Minor repairs are often possible during the reglazing process. Discuss the extent of damage with the technician for an accurate assessment.

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    Reglazing Warranty Policy

    The refinishing work is guaranteed for 3 years from the invoice date.

    Warranty applies to bubbling, fading, peeling or grazing. This guarantee does not apply to chipping or to customer neglect. Service charge will be added for repairs, and touch ups.

    Prices subject to change. Some cast iron tubs have surface imperfections, after reglazing some bumps and scratches might still be visible.