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Our company is a bathtub refinishing company in New York that specializes in the repair and refinishing of kitchen and bathroom surfaces since 1998.
We provide both residential and commercial customers the ability to transform their old, worn down surfaces to look and feel “like new” while maintaining the highest level of quality, value and integrity. We strive to provide an affordable, long-lasting surface that will bring a new look and feel to any space without the overwhelming stress, high costs and lengthy downtime that comes with replacement.


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How do you glaze a bathtub?

Rinse the tub thoroughly with cold water. Blow the borders of the tub dry with a compressor or shop vacuum. Wash the bathtub with hydrofluoric acid and let it stand for 10-15 minutes. Rinse the bathtub with cold water and re-use 120 grit sand paper on the surface.

What is the difference between reglazing and refinishing bathtub?

There is no difference between bathtub refinishing, bathtub resurfacing, bathtub painting or bathtub reglazing, they are the same. Refinishing is not based on a miracle, bathtub refinishing is based on sound chemistry and a meticulous method of preparation.

What kind of paint you use on a bathtub reglazing?

Because bathtubs are exposed to water and daily wear and tear, the paint most recommended for use in refinishing one is an EP-acrylic paint with a glossy finish.

Are there any bad odors during the process?

If the bathroom has a window, all odors are exhausted through the window. Also, our technicians use industrial fans to minimize bad odor. It may occur during the process, but disappears in a few hours.

How long does it take to refinish my tub?

Normally between 2 and 4 hours all work is completed.

How long before I can use my tub again?

You may use your tub in just 24 HOURS after the technician has completed the job.

How long does it last?

Since everything is relative, with normal care and proper cleaning, your new finish will last for many years.

How do I clean a reglazed bathtub?

ALWAYS RINSE THOROUGHLY after cleaning, and wipe the surface dry.
TO CLEAN A SLIP-RESISTANT SURFACE, apply a liquid cleaner and let it sit for 3-5 minutes.

Why is my bathtub peeling?

A variety of issues may lead to a reglazed bathtub peeling, including a chip in the surface. Water can seep underneath a new finish, loosening it further so peeling continues. Chips may be caused by dropping something heavy onto the surface or using harsh cleaners or scouring pads on the tub.

Do you refinish bathroom, tile, also? Will you also re grout the tile first?

Yes we do refinish tile, and we will regrout the wall if it is necessary.

What about my shower doors?

Both doors must be removed. We will remove the doors, however you must put them back. If that is a problem we may make arrangements prior to refinishing the tub. If you would like to replace your old shower door, or buy a new one; We have many shower doors in stock!

In redecorating my bathroom, should I have reglaze done first?

No, do all other work first, such as papering, painting, toilet, etc. Call us last, since our Warranty does not cover man-made damage or other accidents which could damage the new finish on your tub.

Can’t I just turn off the water to the bathroom instead of fixing the leaky faucets now?

No. All faucets and shower body must be fixed/ replaced before.

Do you change any of the plumbing fixtures?

No, plumbing problems (leaks, broken fixtures, etc.) Must be resolved before we are scheduled.

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