Bathroom Sink Reglazing & Refinishing Services

Breathe new life into your bathroom with our top-notch sink reglazing services. Our experts will transform your tired, outdated sink into a beautiful focal point that will elevate your entire space.

We offer a comprehensive range of bathroom sink reglazing & refinishing services, including porcelain, ceramic, and fiberglass sink restoration. Our skilled technicians will assess your sink’s condition and provide a customized solution to restore its beauty and functionality.

Problem Solved

Bathroom sink reglazing addresses common issues such as stains, chips, cracks, and wear, restoring your sink’s appearance and extending its life. No need for costly replacements; we’ll make your existing sink look brand new again.

Key Features

Our bathroom sink reglazing & refinishing services include:

  • Expert color matching
  • Durable, long-lasting finishes
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Competitive pricing

How it works

Our bathroom sink reglazing & refinishing process involves cleaning and repairing the surface, applying a specialized coating, and curing it to create a durable, long-lasting finish. The result is a revitalized sink that looks and feels like new.

Process & Methodology

Our 5-step process for bathroom sink reglazing & refinishing includes:

  • Inspection & assessment
  • Surface preparation
  • Repair of damages
  • Application of refinishing materials
  • Final inspection & polishing

Use Cases

Our bathroom sink reglazing & refinishing services are ideal for:

  • Homeowners looking to update their bathroom on a budget
  • Property managers seeking cost-effective renovations
  • Hotels and resorts in need of a refresh


Benefits of our bathroom sink reglazing & refinishing services include:

  • Cost-effective alternative to replacement
  • Improved sink appearance
  • Extended lifespan of your sink
  • Minimal downtime and disruption

Our Works

Browse through our photo gallery to see examples of our bathroom sink reglazing & refinishing projects. From porcelain and ceramic to fiberglass sinks, we’ve successfully transformed numerous sinks, giving them a fresh and updated look.

Why to choose us

3 years warranty

Care and maintenance instructions

Low price

High quality

Free estimate

Fully insured



How long does bathroom sink reglazing & refinishing take?

Most bathroom sinks can be reglazed in just 1 day. We work quickly with minimal disruption.

Is reglazing a better option than replacing my sink?

Yes, reglazing is an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to sink replacement.

How much does bathroom sink reglazing cost?

Our prices are very reasonable, with most sinks costing $200-500. We provide free estimates.

Can you change the color of my bathroom sink during the reglazing process?

Absolutely! We offer a variety of color options to give your sink a brand new look.

How long does the new finish last after reglazing?

With proper care, our reglazing will keep your sink looking fresh for 15-20 years.

Can any type of sink be reglazed or refinished?

We can expertly reglaze porcelain, ceramic, cast iron, and natural stone sinks.

How do I maintain my refinished sink?

Use mild cleaners and avoid abrasives. Resealing every few years will maximize durability.

Can I use abrasive cleaners on my refinished sink?

No, abrasives can damage the reglazed finish. Use only mild cleaners.

What types of damage can be repaired during the reglazing process?

Chips, cracks, stains, and discoloration can be repaired prior to reglazing.

Is there a warranty on the reglazing & refinishing work?

Yes, we provide a 5 year labor warranty for assurance on the quality of our work.

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    Reglazing Warranty Policy

    The refinishing work is guaranteed for 3 years from the invoice date.

    Warranty applies to bubbling, fading, peeling or grazing. This guarantee does not apply to chipping or to customer neglect. Service charge will be added for repairs, and touch ups.

    Prices subject to change. Some cast iron tubs have surface imperfections, after reglazing some bumps and scratches might still be visible.