Shower Pan Reglazing & Refinishing Services

Are you tired of your worn-out, stained, or damaged shower pan? Upgrade your bathroom with our professional shower pan reglazing and refinishing services. Say goodbye to unsightly surfaces and hello to a fresh, modern look.

Our expert team specializes in reglazing and refinishing shower pans, transforming them into brand new, functional surfaces. We handle all types of shower pans, including acrylic, fiberglass, and ceramic, ensuring a durable and long-lasting finish.

Problem Solved

Shower pan issues like cracks, leaks, and stains can lead to costly repairs or replacements. Our reglazing service provide an affordable solution to restore your shower pan’s appearance and functionality while extending its lifespan.

Key Features

Shower pan refinishing services come with numerous benefits, including expert craftsmanship, premium materials, fast turnaround time, and a satisfaction guarantee.

How it works

We begin by thoroughly cleaning and preparing your shower pan, then apply a specialized reglazing or refinishing solution, followed by a protective coating to ensure a lasting, durable finish.

Process & Methodology

Our tried-and-tested process includes inspection, surface preparation, reglazing or refinishing application, and final inspection to guarantee a high-quality, long-lasting result for your shower pan.

Use Cases

Shower base reglazing services are perfect for homeowners looking to upgrade their bathroom, property managers seeking to improve rental units, and hotels wanting to provide a luxurious experience for their guests.


By choosing our shower pan reglazing and refinishing services, you’ll enjoy a cost-effective alternative to replacement, an updated appearance, improved durability, and an eco-friendly solution.

Why to choose us

3 years warranty

Care and maintenance instructions

Low price

High quality

Free estimate

Fully insured


Reglazing Warranty Policy

The refinishing work is guaranteed for 3 years from the invoice date.

Warranty applies to bubbling, fading, peeling or grazing. This guarantee does not apply to chipping or to customer neglect. Service charge will be added for repairs, and touch ups.

Prices subject to change. Some cast iron tubs have surface imperfections, after reglazing some bumps and scratches might still be visible.


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